We are expanding

We are therefore looking to bolster our organization with more team members

Attractive Escorts

Needless to day we are always looking for attractive ladies to join our team.

Please look at https://kemt.com/join for more information or apply directly at https://kemt.com/form/recruiting

Experienced Bookers

We are looking to supplement our team with experienced booking agents.

A suitable candidate will have great telephone skills, a nice voice (foreign accent like French or Italian are desirable) and a positive attitude. This is after all a customer service position.

Suitable skills with an iPhone, email and WhatsApp are expected. The phone will be provided.

Fluent English is a requirement. Afrikaans is beneficial.

The working hours are from 9:00pm to 06:00am. This is not a remote working job.


We offer a base salary plus commission.

To apply please send an email describing your professional (industry) experience and your salary request to info@kemt.com